Nations Close Borders, Battle Invisible Coronavirus Enemy 3/20/20

Nations scramble to control coronavirus as the US, China exchange barbs about the source of the trouble; plus, why Iran is the worst hit country in the Middle East; and join us from your home as we take you on a virtual tour of the Holy Land.



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  1. Interesting how everyone calling for open borders are now closing their own (macron,angela Merkel, trudeaux)
    Now borders are saving lives. God bless nationalism not globalism . God bless president Trump.

  2. Today I got out from home after 14 days of complete isolation. Only to buy some grocerys. Bought a good bottle of wine, tomorrow I have a meeting with my wife. On our balcony. Yep!
    I live in North Italy, on Como lake. People take the things very seriously here and it looks that isolation works, as we only have 200+ cases in the entire area. Not so far from here many people died.
    People, do the same, stay home!
    Peace and love!

  3. We are truly in perilous times! God has already blessed our country greatly for many decades! Unfortunately, we just took that all for granted! We have been too ungrateful, unthankful, unappreciative,… Over a century of traditions like World Series baseball, NFL, golf majors, horse racing, political conventions,… and the Lord watched over us, protected us from pandemics, bio-terrorism, wars, plagues, famines, locusts,… The closest things we've faced in history were the 1930s Dust bowl, the 1918 influenza virus, and 9-11-2001. We've had things so much better than other countries, such as Israel, who has to worry about terrorism every day! We even take our own bodies for granted, not realizing that every day God sustains our immune system. We live in a world full of germs, bacteria, diseases, viruses, pathogens… and God sustains our immune system from the first breath we breathe as an infant to our very last breath on earth! We have so much to be thankful to God for every single day!

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