EXCLUSIVE: Trump, Pence, Carson Speak, Pray With Pastors On Coronavirus Pandemic

EXCLUSIVE: Trump, Pence, Carson Speak, Pray With Pastors On Coronavirus Pandemic



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  1. Kim Clement prophesied Trump. He will do a second term and be baptized in the Holy Spirit and say Jesus Christ IS the king of all kings lord of all lords amen amen amen

  2. The UN and WHO allowed the Wuhan China Virus to Spread to destroy the Economy of Nations, to bring it's citizens into poverty to control us all. China funds the UN and that's why The WHO kept silent for so long to allow the spread of COVID19 to all our Nations > Agenda 2030. Most Nations are reading from the same script as the UN because they are all Puppets of the UN since 1992 Agreements made at Rio de Janeiro. Please get informed Citizens. Most Presidents and Prime Ministers you elect are Puppets of the UN. I honestly believe that this was a China attack with the UN on America and Trumps Economy to bring America to it's knees and prevent Trumps re-election. Since it all hangs on the Economy for Voters. Hey Trump is China's President still your Friend? Don't thinks so. The big questions is why is President Trump using the same words as the UN or is the UN using the same words as Trump? "WAR ON VIRUS"

  3. Repent Nations! God has handed out a Video Clip warning all to turn away from sin! The Video Clip from God reveals the White garment, Christ Jesus our Lord, the blood of the Lamb,human souls in Hell,the beast with seven heads, demons and a lot of testimonies from God. Repent people! Christ Jesus our Lord is coming soon!

  4. The entire Trump administration are the money changers & Pharisees Jesus spoke about & yet people continue to cheer them on. You're the ones who chose to crucify Jesus & have obviously, tragically learned nothing in 2000 years.

  5. I Prayed this morning for Trump for God to build His Good Wall of Protection around him, for God to send a Multitude of His Good Angels to Surround him, for him not to worry with anxiety, but to have Peace of Heart, Mind and Spirit, and not to allow anyone with an enemy Spirit to come near him or attempt to defeat him. I Prayed that Through Jesus Christ's Grace and Mercy that The Word of Our Lord will be his Rock, and that God The Father's Will will abide in Trump, guide Trump, and overcome any obstacles on Earth. Amen and Amen.

  6. In the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen 🙏 God bless The United of America, our President Trump, the members of his cabinet and all the government, their families, our doctors, nurses, scientists, medical staff, our farmers that feed the world, the sick, the healthy and all nations. United in faith we pray to you
    Almighty God, in the Name of your loving son, Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏

  7. God We Thank you for our President. Mr Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence their family and everyone in this administration. We thank you for you given this Nation a Great President to lead us in troubling times such as this. We pray that you will cover Mr. President, VP, and everyone in his leadership with your Precious Blood and according to Num 6:23-27 we pray the Aronic Blessing over them and everyone in whitehouse and everyone in USA your country. In Jesus Name we pray. AMEN!

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