Faith in the Face of a Pandemic | Christian World News, March 20, 2020

Christians run to the epicenter to serve those in need; a Wuhan survivor on faith in the face of crisis; Max Lucado on trusting God and exposing idols.

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  1. She talks about God's word as if it were a incantation. These people are like the pharasee, Lawyer's they think that they wield the word of God. The WORD is the sword of the SPIRIT of GOD, JESUS. You MUST Know Himself not just the BIBLE.
    CBN still doesn't care about AMERICANS,or Christian persecution here in the United States. In a minute the Lord is going to sanctify His name and the motives for what people have been doing.

  2. This "Corona-Crisis" is all a LIE!! And is being used by the DEEP STATE(ANTI-CHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT) to create pandemonium, food & supply shortages leading to social unrest, shutting Dow-n of the stock market and economy, and ultimately bring in MARTIAL LAW and usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER! The mainstream media is the channel to get the panic into frenzy. Don't believe it! (Isa8:11-14)

  3. Bunch of bored losers in these comments . Have some respect for CBN and what they’re doing for us and have respect for samaritans Purse for the amazing work they are doing that NO ONE ELSE is doing. Thank you so much for helping my country and most importantly, the world, Samaritans purse . Thank you Jesus

  4. People all over is praying to our Father Jesus Christ for this virus to stop it will stop we just need too keep on praying to our Lord and saivour pray that the people's all over the world who have been infected buy this coronaviurs to get healing,delivering and to have faith that it will stop in Jesus name Amen

  5. This is an answered prayer
    Thank you my brothers and sisters I’m praying for you
    You are salt and light
    I thank you Lord Jesus for your Grace thank you for your power bless this team from Samaritans Purse in Jesus name Amen

  6. why would anyone believe Chinese officials when they say ANYthing ?? we have no idea if they are telling the Truth about "no new cases" ….. besides, the buzz is that China stopped the spread by killing anyone that was infected and burning their bodies. Since civilized nations can't do that, other nations may not be able to stop the spread of this infection as quickly.

  7. Mmmm "it's not as deadly as the media makes it out to be" spoken like a person that has shelter and food. What about the majority of people in impoverished countries with serious food insecurity and immune compromised conditions? Those that can't quarantine in shelter or sanitation issues no running water?

  8. Why have the gods abandoned their faithful followers again?Why have the gods not rid the planet of covid-19.Four months in and the religious gods have not and I believe will not step up ever.I believe that this babble should be kept locked away until humanity and science finds the cure for both viruses.

  9. Four months on and the virus covid-19 has stumped the religious world.Billions of the worlds religious youth must certainly be questioning the viability or feasibility of whether to place your hopes in a fairytale delusional in-active gods.It is the Secular courts of the lands that have ordered the closing of all doors in all lands until humanity and science finds the cure.gods ordered to close down their doors.Thats all delusional religious gods.Please stop urging your followers to "PREY"as this a disgusting word used often in their filthy scriptures and used to rape children.Stop saying that word.

  10. Can we get a date from god with the final decision.Not about the end of time as all the children of the now knows those are bibble myths and true blue dishonest facts.Children are asking mum and dad Your god has not rid the world of covid-19.So they will not need gods in the future because gods are"FAKE"

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