As Blue States Push to Abolish Electoral College, Critics Warn: 'You Would Have Violence'

As Blue States Push to Abolish Electoral College, Critics Warn: ‘You Would Have Violence’



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  1. To all Patriots :
    There is1singular question to ask any Trump-hater/ America-hater anywhere anytime…

    … Okay, I hear you….. WHY?

    You will find none of these MSM zombies aka leftists/Democrat socialists can NEVER answer this Elementary question. They run away from it, as the call you silly names.

    Their Go To response is ALWAYS…
    …He's a rAySiS ! Zeenofoab ! Etc.

    A question asked historically by little children everywhere befuddles them every time !

    Why Papa ? … why? … why?

    God Bless United States of America🇺🇸

  2. This is the usual power grab by lefties They Cannot go the lawful constitutional route so they corrupt the rules If we end up with 40 plus states being run by lefty marxists party states like CA. NY. IL there will be another revolution

  3. They want to impose their will on you. That's what this is about. It doesn't matter if you want to be left alone to live life the way you want to. They will force you to comply with their BS. Can't run Detroit, Can't run Chicago, or the entire state of California, but they know that they need to tell you what to do. No respect for anyone who is not a lemming.

  4. I think it would only cause a civil war which is probably inevitable, regardless. The left is destroying this country and many people will not sit by and let this great republic be destroyed by the power hungry left. I hope I am wrong!

  5. Prager U has a great vid on the reasons behind the Electoral College. Long story short, we would not have had a nation, as in no ratified US Constitution back in 1789, if we didn't have a compromise between large population states and small population states. We all remember from civics class: 2 chamber legislative branch (Congress) with one part where each state gets 2 (Senate) and another part where each state gets representatives proportionate to their population (House). Well, in each national election, each state gets the same number of electors as it has reps in the House plus 2 for its two senators. And DC, a federal district, gets 3 electors. That's it – the Constitutional Compromise that allowed us to become a unified nation out of 13 separate colonies (later, states) 230 years ago. This system has also successfully prevented regional breakups of the nation other than the inevitable civil war. And that Constitution contains the bill of rights that ensures our basic civil liberties. Abolish the Electoral College, and the whole government system can collapse.

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