CBN NewsWatch AM: March 23, 2020

On Newswatch AM March 23rd: Senate fails to pass coronavirus economic response bill, and pastors pray for President Trump (along with Vice-President Pence and HUD Secretary Ben Carson) on conference call; why soap and water and hand sanitizer …



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  1. I know our president has done some great things but he embarrasses all of us when he talks. Please dont talk and waste all our time unless you really know what your saying!
    Economy sky rocket hahahahHhah
    Yeah for a half a day maybe then plummet. Tired of all the lies all over the news.
    What happened to our country?

  2. Amen distraction creates fear ! Think on good things ! The joy of the Lord ! His Majesty ! Mighty miracles He has done ! Praise the Lord ! As I swept my floor yesterday I thought of women in Iran . They were also sweeping the floor ! Praying for children and grandchildren! Those suffering near by and afar off. The Lord is big enough to care for all needs ! Do not put a leash on The Lion Mighty is our Lord beyond imagination!

  3. So the Demon-crats were able to squashed the coronavirus stimulus package for the people, cause several Republicans are self quarantined and couldn't vote the Demon-crats took advantage of that….What a bunch of jercks…Don't let a good crisis go to waste, theres a special place in hell for these bastards..

  4. My brother and sisters if you are of Christ Jesus don't fear what's going on in the world we are the children of God in Christ Jesus our Lord we have a higher hope to know in DEATH or in life we win Jesus is with us until the end of time. We are more than conquers in Christ who strengthens us don't fear family our Heavenly Father will always be in control God speed to my brethren. Remember we are not religious we are God's children through JESUS

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