Faith Nation: March 23, 2020

Faith Nation: March 23, 2020



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  1. why doesn't Trump just do an Executive Order and bypass the idiot Democrats in Congress ??
    nothing like watching the selfish Leftist Liberal Millionaires in Congress playing politics with financial assistance for the people.

  2. Corona Virus and Nebuchadnezzar

    As Christians we are told that "No Plague or Fire can harm us 'IF' God so commands it." King Nebuchadnezzar cast 3 men into fire for not worshiping his image but God protected them. Now we have the Kings of Worldly Science casting us into the fire of Quarantine Slavery with their promise that "If we obey then their plague will not harm us." And even great churches have set aside the 3rd of the 10 Commandments, "Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy." to bow down to these men of science. They have likened themselves as Gods of Greater Intelligence and have their followers in Socialism, Communism and Atheism, even them who tout faith in God set aside their faith for Mans Science. Some claim that we can have 'Christian Fellowship" via the Internet. Maybe? But it sure doesn't feel the same as meeting friends in church once a week.

    So I was reading Taylor Caldwell's Foreword in his book "Testimony of Two Men." He reminded us that men of science throughout history suffered greatly for their works of science. 'Saints of Medical Science', and I for one know what's it's like to need a good doctor. "Unsung Hero's" that worked hard to find cures for all the diseases. The last sentence of the Foreword pointed the picture that sums it all up "Unsung and remembered perhaps only by God." The reality being that we live with mans science but we die only for God. The necessity of church in times like this means we have failed God as so many churches have closed their doors to subservience to Mans Science, not realizing the this plague may only be by the Hand of God and therefor not going away, albeit then replaced by another.As our President Trump has recently suggested "The Quarantines may harm us more than the plague." Again I'm reminded of a Forbes Magazine story that claims throughout history the use of quarantines has resulted in Riots.Looting and such. Even now people may be committing suicides & murders because of the quarantines that incite mass hysteria and fear. And I do remember the same Gods of Science telling us that the Ebola virus was going to 'Come to America' and kill many here. Yet it never happened beyond a few deaths. Anyway, I will fear God over mans world, as God promises us Life Everlasting and men of science still can't find the Fusion of Photons with Blood Gases and the Minds Energy that allows us to metamorphosis into the human soul or life after death. Quantum Consciousness Life After Death. Jesus Saves!

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