Senate Democrats Block $2 Trillion Stimulus Package For Second Time in 24 Hours

Senate Democrats Block $2 Trillion Stimulus Package For Second Time in 24 Hours



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  1. Kick them out of office!!! The dems want to put the green new deal and voter registration. It's a loan to the corporations not a bail out!!! Throw schumer and his "colleagues" out of our country and send them to italy!

  2. Well, looks like the devils are back! Right in the middle of a terrible crisis! Traitors and liars! They care nothing about the people, only focused on their hatred of President Trump!

  3. Interpreting Truth: translations of Ravi Zacharias on Ep 60 of Sunday morning special with Ben Shapiro in: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi/ Dari, Tajik. Currently studying Hebrew, Russian and Hindi and will be dropping those iterations before the summers end. Intended to support the international underground church.

  4. Can you just imagine if Republicans blocked this bill for any reason whatsoever. All Hell would break lose in D.C and MSM. But since it's the Left, its alright, there must be oversight and accountability. Utterly hilarious. WE WILL REMEMBER THIS IN NOVEMBER DEMOCRATS, MARK MY WORDS.

  5. They'd rather stop you from feeding your kids to help other countries kids take your kids place in school, at the dinner table, and leave your family helpless.
    All for votes so they can funnel money to their elite masters! Trump doesn't play that game…and that's why he pretty much cleaned house….starting with the Republicans and suspending lobbying for 5 years!! Folks lobbying has been the enemy of the American people for decades, Republicans and Democrats were going bananas stacking that money in secretive ways till Trump ruined their game!!!

  6. Democrats are sicking ! some of these bills and go green has nothing to do with the virus and I pray President Trump does not let this bill pass !I can't get an impeachment to pass so they'll try to get this bill to pass ! is more like it !

  7. As the Pressure mounts, Dems are going to find themselves in a hotter and hotter seat. It will cost them dearly at the ballot box. They'd better start being way more transparent concerning their opposition to this package. But they won't cause it's Petty !
    Just keep watching the market go down, the jobs lost, the sick numbers rise, and you're gonna see the Country turn on them like never before. Even CNN J. Tapper side-eyed a Dem on his show for a silly response to why they are opposing this package. And everybody knows CNN is pro-democratic on mostly everything. People are hurting and scared of what to do now as they watch their jobs fade, savings fade, paycheck to paycheck money dry up…Dems step up. And drop the Partisan B.S. !!

  8. Put the shoe on the other foot this time give the 99% the biggest slice of the pie and the 1% the 1000.00. Last time after congress gave them billions all the ceo's received huge bonuses and laughed all the way to the bank lasted a few years and now they are out of cash again. Tell those lushes enough is enough get a job like everybody else..

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