With 100 Million Americans Ordered to Stay Home, President Acts as Congress Stalls on Covid-19 Respo

With 100 Million Americans Ordered to Stay Home, President Acts as Congress Stalls on Covid-19 Response



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  1. President Trump needs to enact an executive order preventing evictions on rent and foreclosers. You want to get reelected, do not allow millions of people from being tossed out of their homes into the streets because they cannot go to work and are now broke and make rent or house payments.

  2. Imagine states having to compete against each other for supplies. I guess this really isn't the United States of America. and imagine paying more money for supplies through price gouging when lives are on the line. You want to know what's wrong with America. We're here.

  3. Might be a good idea to quarantine NY and use the guards to enforce the movement of people.

    Unfortunately many people still do not think we as a nation are interconnected and just refuse to try to help the authorities who are trying to help the nation.

  4. WAIT UP ! ! Politicians who have come into contact with people tested positive for COVD-19 have gone into isolation but not Trump, he was shaking hands and mixing freely with overseas diplomats confirmed with Corona virus but he decided that he didn't have it and it was only because of political advice he was tested, this is a man who has lied and cheated all his life and he tells us that he was tested negative, anyway why didn't he also isolate himself after those contacts? it's for two reasons, (1) he believes that he's above ordinary people (2) he's the top dog and he doesn't want anybody making decisions on his behalf and stealing his limelight. He's looking very sick and becoming sicker every day, I don't think he will weather the storm.

  5. Yes our government entities are not supermen and women, they should stand up and show their solidarity with the American people, by themselves wearing these protective gear, and following the same measures, as what others should be doing!! The only ones who look foolish are those who know to do what's right, and fail to do it!

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