Bipartisan Optimism Senate is 'Very Close' to Reaching Deal on Massive Economic Relief Package

Bipartisan Optimism Senate is ‘Very Close’ to Reaching Deal on Massive Economic Relief Package



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  1. Good let’s Heal our planet and let’s heal our people so we all legal and illegal people can go back to work and put this Country together!! GOD WANTS LOVE NOT SEPARATION IF WE DONT STOP HATING ONE ANOTHER THE LORD WILL CONTINUE TO JUSGE THE WORLD

  2. If it's going to include 1 penny to planned parent good or 1 penny to an Arts building, or 1 penny on Green New Deal, or 1 penny on anything not related to the affects of covid-19 u can keep the bailout I don't want it. It's bad enough working Americans will be paying this back for many years don't be adding to it to benefit yourselves Democrats!!!!!

  3. It is astonishing that men have to make deals to insure their own species survival. Would these animals seek to make similar deals if it were their loved ones whose lives were in peril? And in my opinion it is the instinct of animals that these members and representatives are displaying by seeking a deal before allowing needed help and assistance in the middle of a pandemic outbreak. Not animals but worse, predators of the two legged kind! No wonder Holy God is angry with the wicked everyday! The deal most Americans ought to be asking themselves is, do we really need these kind of "people" representing us! When vermin are allowed to proliferate they eventually make that dwelling uninhabitable! And America is getting to that point of becoming uninhabitable by virtue of the large number of vermin and other unsavory insectiods having taken over! All the hate, and wrangling, was among the reasons many people left their former Nations and countries to come to America, because here it was supposed to be equality among all the peoples! Yet what I and a few alert others are seeing is just a smattering of those old hatreds and inequalities, cropping up, because you cannot have a free and Godly Nation, without first acknowledging God's involvement, and everyday presents, in all the affairs of this country, first! And I don't just mean a tipping of the hat or assent, but real honest deep down heart felt agreement with Holy God and the Lord Jesus, that we are a mess as a Nation, and possibly worse off then many of those who admit they are God denying, and God hating countries! When light which can no longer shine brightly, dims, it is replaced. and when salt has lost it's saltiness, it is thrown out, and trampled under the feet of men! So is the condition of north America today. America has become stiff necked and resistant to listening to, and hearing from the Lord God! And like many others before her, she shall be trampled underfoot, and extinguished, by all her fornicating lovers!. And the world will watch in fear, as Holy God shows what happens to those nations which forget Him! And she will NOT be alone in this destruction and removal from world events! But She will be thrown down because she knew God then rejected Him, claiming to be rich and in need of nothing! Yet, in one day, America will burn with unquenchable fire! And no one will come to her aid!

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