CBN NewsWatch AM: March 24, 2020

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 24, 2020



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  1. Pelosi and schumer want to push their own 1400 page bill to help their own agenda! President Trump needs to use his executive order while the dems go home and let the president fix this country. That's not the agenda of the left!

  2. The two things EVERYONE Needs to do is wear protective, medical masks, and latex surgical gloves! That is the two things which can most help in cutting down the number of cases at this time. Eye-wear and social distancing, along with consistent sanitizing can increase those numbers of people who do not get the virus. It iis only pride which keeps most people from doing the most common things for protection and safety. If every company made it a practice that ALL WORKERS MUST WEAR A MASK AND SAFETY GLOVES WHILE AT WORK AND IN SOME CASES EYE WEAR, AND EVERY ONE KEPT SANITIZED BY FREQUENT WASHING OF THEIR HANDS WITH WARM WATER AND SOAP, and surfaces clean and sanitized at all times then this virus would be stopped. Unfortunately most people lack basic common sense! And learning better habits such as Not touching your face is also extremely helpful. Assume everything is infected and your trying to survive, both animate and inanimate objects are infected, and your trying to win by not getting yourself or others infected. Most know and understand how to play games well this is the ultimate game of life and death! And only the best gamers will survive! The losers of course will become infected and most of them die as a result! It's time for all the braggarts to put up or shut up! And remember, anyone can be an infected! Even if they don't look it, or even appear to be in the best of health! Always take appropriate precautions! And watch out for the ghouls, those who know their infected and purposely go around trying to infect others by coughing touching and breathing on other people, objects and animals! Treat them like the infected, living dead, they are! And try not to become one of them!

  3. Why the hell y'all listening too cbn it's pretty much ran by the antichrist now. In case you didn't know by now digital dollar is coming Jan 2021 agenda 21 the mark of the beast.

  4. Funny how so many people who call themselves Christians and support all the comes and criminals, merdures, sterilizations.
    But want someone who commits something that isn't even a crime to be CONDEMNED them and record it for condemnation forever.
    VIOLENCE isn't VIOLENCE. But something that's not a CRIME gets juice

  5. On March 21, 2020 a Messenger of Courage appeared to Amy David w/ White-Dove Ministries wherein she saw the number 414. On the same day Holy Spirit led me to write a Special Edition of the Gospel Letter amidst COVID-19. The message is titled "Behold the Goodness of the LORD based on Romans 11:22. "Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity, but toward thee, goodness, IF– thou continue in His goodness: OTHERWISE, thou also shall be cut off".
    The Gospel Message during this epidemic & plague for this Issue of the Gospel Letter was based on 2 Samuel 24 & 2 Chronicles 21 that has recorded in the Scriptures how the LORD dealt with his people in Israel when there was sin in the land.
    I closed Father's Word with these words: " We need faith, hope, love AND courage in the LORD". "The Holy Spirit is our anointing & power in this Season of time we have entered into. We must have the LORD our God to go before us into this wilderness for His harvest"

    Again, the LORD is stopping this virus by Passover 8th, 2020 as spoken by His prophet Chuck Pierce. Passover falls on our Julian calendars on 4/14.
    White Dove Ministries / Amy–has shared with Gods' people: Esther 4:14 which declares to God's people a 'call for courage –for such a time as this".
    Also 4/14 numbers do correspond to April 14th- Passover Day (14th day of NISAN)! For the Hebrews this is Nisan 14th but for the Julian calendar- Passover falls on March 14 and / or on April 14th.
    Let us offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to God for our LORD's mercy & long-suffering endures forever!. We are praying for Pres.Trump & the nation!

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