Trump Declares 'America Will Be Open For Business' Despite Climbing Virus Infections

Trump Declares ‘America Will Be Open For Business’ Despite Climbing Virus Infections



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  1. If people place profits over wisdom then they'll get similar results as other countries have gotten because they failed to put their own health and lives ahead of finances! This President is first a businessman and second a leader but at no time is a doctor or health expert! And all who put their trust in a man will suffer for it! And this president like all who came before him are men, Not God! If you want to trust someone then you should trust in Holy God, and His Only Begotten Son, Messiah Yeshua, i.e., Jesus! But ignorant is, as ignorant does! And mankind is more often then not very ignorant, as to the truth, and the facts!

  2. China lied and people died… God is in control 🙏🏼✝️ please people do not lose hope. President Trump is always putting America first/the people first. God bless President Trump and God bless you all ✝️🙏🏼

  3. POTUS should find out who the SOCIALISTS ARE around him giving him BAD ADVICE….this country is turning SOCIALISTIC in this time of CRISIS Any free people know when their CIVIL LIBERTIES are at stake.A friends mother had heart failure and can not even go inside the hospital to see her . The Drs saying she should come off life support by PHONE?…Who in CHINA does that? Come on LEADERS IN AMERICA ..WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT….THERE are those who can not bury their LOVE ONES WITH DIGNITY who died from natural causes…HAS THE PRESIDENT GONE MADDD too? Has FAITH IN the ALMIGHTY GOD CEASED on ALL LEVELS and COMMON SENSE took a VACATION? Life is not so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery not even for a pandemic. POTUS COME BACK SOON!…..

  4. I'll be watching the demise of the big cities from my rural middle state home! I watched as 10s of thousands died in China and will now sit back and watch as our leaders make the very same mistakes! Interesting that I've heard so many people over the last few months say they have had visions of the East and West Coasts consumed by a huge Tsunami! Many of us were thinking in the literal! Then yesterday I heard governor Cuomo say hes looking this as a Tsunami wave! I thought, wow, confirmation! This will literally overtake and consume the large metropolitan areas! Think about it, just last year Cuomo and all those involved were clapping and praising the up to term abortion bill! It was just passed this January. Judgement is going to fall on Babylon!

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