CBN NewsWatch PM: March 26, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: March 26, 2020



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  1. The main reason that they have included ordinary Americans is to keep the people from complaining when they bail the corporations out.When I was growing up we did not get to write off our credit cards or house payments or all these other give mes that todays` citizens get. Our children will be paying the dues.

  2. With the utmost respect and deference which is at all possible to demonstrate towards a fellow human being who is made in the image of GOD, and whom I love and respect dearly, however I have a duty to speak the Truth no matter the sniggered remarks by some ignorant people, but I have to say this.
    Our Holy Father, the Pope, and his duly elected Cardinals and advisors have been misled and misguided in their approach with respect to the Corona Virus.
    Essentially through the actions of the Pope he has brought the Church of Christ into disrepute and whereas he should have set an example of faith and courage and true leadership, he has acted like the world.
    None of the dire predictions which the so-called experts in the world had made concerning this Corona Virus had come to pass, not even close.
    It was estimated that some 20 million people worldwide would have died of the Corona Virus, yet the number is not even 1% on this prediction.
    Shame on the Pope and shame on the Roman Catholic Church, you have disappointed millions of your followers and non followers.
    It appears to the average person that the Pope and the Church were coconspirators and accomplices to this crime of robbing people of their basic human rights of freedom of movement and speech and happiness.
    No wonder the world does not take us seriously.
    The Pope had ample opportunity to rectify its ill informed decisions, and the world would have respected him for doing so, instead he remains silent on the matter which exasperates the situation.
    The Pope and the Church as a whole needs to enter into a solemn time of reflection and repentance, as we will not be prepared when the time of the ultimate testing will arrive during the Great Tribulation period Jesus warned us about when many will fall away.

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