CBN NewsWatch AM: March 27, 2020

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 27, 2020



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  1. ishna Chamling 

    Corona Virus: Covid-19

    Be careful with that harmful nerd, cannibal which
    Lurking in your domains, ways and things of souvenirs,
    Useful tools around you, family members and friends,
    Anytime this pandemic, unfettered uncastrated wild beast
    May pounce at us anywhere in worldwide- magnitude as this
    Killjoy of our lives; an unseen enemy is on, travelling
    Around the clock, across the globe by air, ferries on board,
    May make overland trip by anything as a kill-life- a plague,
    Deadly threat, dwelling in living to non-living things
    In our surroundings; a terribly black force, but
    We must have our weapons of Renaissance: the light
    Of knowledge about its attack, spreading the idea of safety
    Measures- sanitation, of health posts at home and abroad asap,
    To combat this brutally cruel, schizophrenic army of Covid-19
    With our wisdom of knowledge must segregate, degenerate
    Its capacity to close down its epidemic journey through
    Preventing personal contacts at public spots, shebeens, saloons
    And squares until our inventive hands and minds funded with
    Necessary arms of tools in laboratories may discover panaceaic
    Antidote to the horrific invasion of Corona Virus upon our paradise.
    Copy Rights Reserved @ Kr. Chamling
    From- The land of Gautama Buddha & Mt. Everest, Nepal
    16 March 2020
    You, KumariKamala Rai, Krishnasankar Acharjee and 47 others

  2. How do we know that man truly had COVID-19. How do we know that he truly took that medicine. How do we know the media or someone didn’t pay him and he’s a fake. Did you see it with your own eyes?

  3. The spread of virus is Because neither the government ( locking down Or travel within the states etc) ) nor the citizens Taking strict Precautions . It’s serious
    Let’s .continue to pray God give us wisdom to deal with this and protect us all Americans by the blood
    Of Yeshua.

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