'My Faith Tells Me Every Life Is Precious': Why Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Took Bold, Early Action to Bat

In a one-on-one interview with CBN News, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says the tenets of his faith have guided him through the coronavirus. DeWine is largely praised for recognizing the threat early. He says that he lives with the pressure every day of making decisions that can determine if someone lives or dies.

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  1. While I absolutely care that this virus not spread any more than it has, it really is too bad that what they do consider “essential” to the people, are stores…not just food stores, but liquor stores, stores that sell marijuana…yes the stores that keep people “under the influence” of demons. Yet the very place where people can find peace, hope, healing and faith in Christ has officially been deemed “non-essential”!

    The church just gave up its rights because of a virus that is killing less than die every year from the flu. And never before has any country been shut down because of it. Something is not right here!

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