China Is the 'Hero', Saving the World from COVID-19? US Media Pushes China's 'False Narrative'

China Is the ‘Hero’, Saving the World from COVID-19? US Media Pushes China’s ‘False Narrative’



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  1. American MSM is an embarrassment to every American. They push lying propaganda while screaming Trump is infringing on thier right of freedom of the press, while they shut down others right to free speech and censoring them if they contradict them or disagree. American MSM is the enemy of the American people. And when civil unrest begins, we are going after all the propaganda machines and tear them apart brick by brick….

    They are censoring me right now.

  2. American MSM who are NOT WEARING MASKS harass the president for not wearing masks. And as soon as he wears one, they will say he has the virus and is lying about not having it, therefore he should be impeached.

    American MSM reporters are garbage.

  3. "China saves the World" LMMFAO!!!!! WHEN YOU SEND OUT FAKE MASK AND TAINTED TEST KITS YOU SAVE NO ONE! YOU BECOME THE PROBLEM! CHINA SAVES NO ONE! YEAH CHINA STANDS OUT ALL RIGHT. Murdering their own, not treating their own, nailing their own sick inside an apartment to die ALONE. Watching as their own jump from buildings because suicide is their only way out of that hell hole.

  4. China Started it,probably on purpose , man made ,they took a month or so before they even let the World know. They let their People travel all over China and to other Countries before they Started to Lockdown,Dont Believe most of the Media on Anything. Trust in Jesus he Loves you .Love from Australia.

  5. Yeshua Jesus you are the WAY, THE TRUTH & LIFE!!! We rebuke the enemy whose chains & blinders are falling down among the captives–let your Spirit of redemption fill all our souls as we unite as One eternal family of God; let us receive your Kingdom as it is in Heaven!!! Let your joy fill the earth, which is our strength–let us forgive one another & speak the truth in love!!!

  6. Can you believe a country which doesn't want to do something to protect their own people like China accuse China to gain benefits from their Medical support for Italy? China always protect their own people with forseeability although China has built up mostly by hard working labors.

  7. China is not a Hero Watch the video on Sid Roth (Coronavirus The end Times) you will find out what China has done God shows Tracy a Man of God where the virus came from and whats going to happen. you must watch dont miss it.

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