Faith Nation: April 6, 2020

Faith Nation: April 6, 2020



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  1. I don't understand what part of This is detailed in the bible you people don't understand.
    All the events taking place on Earth as we speak are in the Bible back to back one after the other.
    Why fear? Why worry?
    It would truly believe that the Creator is in control let's do as we are told stay home as much as possible. And seek the Lord this is almost over, Jesus is coming.

  2. The most important thing is to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God. Perhaps the Father in heaven is trying to get people to repent and come to Jesus. We must pray for our President, people in the healthcare industries, our country, and those who are the most vulnerable. As a people we need to put our political differences, religious points of view, and just come to Jesus Christ. Take care everyone. Love in Jesus Christ 🙏🏻🇺🇸🥰

  3. Faith nation?…without faith it is Impossible to please God…The covenant given at Mount Sinai…may we all keep the passover this year…Observe (do you understand what that means…Deuteronomy 16;1 read it, follow it…Revelations 2:1read it or are you in the mood of SECOND DEATH!!

  4. The digital way is exactly what the Democratic Swamp wants if a church can do it well the American elections should be able to go digital as well therefore the Democrats could cheat. And beat Trump. Just stay home stay safe God is everywhere not just at church, remember if one group can go digital then everyone should be able to go digital.

  5. Please…the over-population of hospitals and the corona virus death reports needs to be validated better on multiple levels and reported based on those results from you all. We as listeners/believers agree that your accountability is held to a much higher level than others. We are thankful for your reports for sure…just know HOW the deaths reported are being counted!!

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