US Braces for 'Pearl Harbor Moment' as Virus Set to Peak

US Braces for ‘Pearl Harbor Moment’ as Virus Set to Peak



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  1. It is written that the Lord has said, "You judge according to the flesh'; 'I judge no one." Speaking of Himself. None of us should judge one another by the flesh, since all of us are weak and fall short of the Godly mark of perfection. Earlier the Lord has said in this same book recording "that the hour was coming, and now is, when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; For the Father is seeking such to worship HIM. GOD is Spirit, and those who worship HIM, Must worship in spirit and truth."See Book of John 4:23-24, & 8: 15-16. KJV. Since we, who have submitted to the Lord's desires/Will, are new creatures in Christ Jesus, who has given us new natures/minds, we ought to love all whom the Lord puts in our path, just as He first loved us. This is demonstrated in selfless acts of kindness, for example if you have fifty face masks and your neighbor has none then share with your neighbors if he asks and do not send him away when you have them available to share.We are told to not be as those of this world who seek only their own good while ignoring the needs and conditions of their neighbors. If you truly are following the model of love thy neighbor as thyself, then you will gladly apply this lesson of giving, with others around you, including the stranger, and widows, and orphans. For most of us who are true believers in, and followers of, the Messiah, this is both a challenge and a test, to help us know if we are walking according to the words of our Lord, Messiah Jesus, and opportunity to examine ourselves and correct any mistakes and misunderstandings. God is telling the Bride of Christ to prepare herself with purification in selflessness and spiritual prayers from hearts filled with God's truth, shown in our total and complete obedience, and submission to His son, Jesus, our Savior. The only real way most will know we are Christians is by the Love of Christ we display as it flows from our hearts in all it's purity and Godly Holiness.

  2. Strange that everyone is supposed to catch the virus but none of the government seems to be catching it. Maybe they already have the vaccine in them ? Also how can they predicted that it's going to surge… Unless you know that somehow it's going to get spreading from outside of the measure of protection that we are taking… The math isn't adding up to me… Use your God given comen sense.

  3. I ask any and all medical staff worldwide please brush up on treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, including placing patients prone for oxygenation, till ventilation is available. (P.E.E.P.).

  4. God has heard the cries of His children. Jesus Christ is granting salvation and miracles. God is giving you an opportunity a timeout to take the time and history to know his story. God will bring this up to everybody on judgment day. I gave you a moment to allow me to recalibrate your life to be focused on what matters forever. Jesus Christ defeated death he is risen. Turn from your sins to the lifting power of Jesus Christ. Celebrate His resurrection

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