Encouraging News in the Fight Against COVID-19 | News on The 700 Club: April 7, 2020

Encouraging news could be coming in the fight against coronavirus, as evidence suggests that social distancing is making an impact in the rate of spread across the country. Get the latest updates in today’s News on the 700 Club.

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  1. The prayer that needs to go up is one of repentance and not a prayer of rebuke. God is in control and will bring it to an end in his timing not ours. Remember Daniels prayer when he was captive in Babylon? His prayer was one of repentance and of humbling himself to God because of the captivity. The church needs to lead the world towards Christ and repentance. God bless.

  2. Many blessings and prayers to those working bringing comfort to the family and patients. My daughter is in the middle of the caring for them . Her faith sustains her . The Holy blood of the Lamb goes before us and angels tend the patients ! Have the Joy of the Lord always in all situations ! We are a sturdy people as our Lord Jesus walks before us ! He Is Alive ! Let us act accordingly ! Fear Not trust in God !

  3. The "church" is the body of Christ. It's the true believer in Jesus, not the building. There is coming a time when we will not be able to worship in these buildings. We need to see all that's happening now as an example.

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