Deep Recession Feared as Unemployment Rises, but Death Projections Lowered: 'Mitigation Is Working'

Deep Recession Feared as Unemployment Rises, but Death Projections Lowered: ‘Mitigation Is Working’

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  1. All under the Trump Presidency!. You people that voted for Trump are done when he leaves office! especially those that defiled the Christian faith! with your worshipping of a Worldly, and proud adulterous man,who said,something along the lines of,why should I ask for forgiveness I didn't do nothing wrong!.And Who did not want to show forgiveness while in the National Prayer breakfast.

  2. This is all bigger than it really is okay is Bill Gates on rewind all it is is part of population reduction in the shut down the Federal Reserve do your homework cuz Jesus is coming very soon

  3. Black people are getting COVID19 more often because of underlining health issues? Sounds like a simplistic answer to cover up years of racial inequality. Racial inequality, the real reason African Americans are being hit harder by COVID19.

  4. How can they tell how many people will die,does this not seem strange to you no vaccine or shots for me i am done kisening to this crazy ,crazy stuff the new is worse them the
    Bs now flu shoots either i wonder now many if these people have had the shoot

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