Franklin Graham Shares His Prayer Moment with Trump and His Efforts to 'Lift up Christ' During COVID

Franklin Graham Shares His Prayer Moment with Trump and His Efforts to ‘Lift up Christ’ During COVID Crisis

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  1. Father, I pray for President Donald Trump, his family and his team. I pray that from the tip of their fingers to the palms of their hands to their arms and through their entire body and through every opening in their body, through their ears, their mouths, their eyes and their noses and every office be covered with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray a guard upon them. In Jesus' Name, not only there is no virus transmit into their body, but I decree them that they will transmit the Spirit of Life, the contructive Spirit of Life in Jesus' Name to minister to everyone they come in contact with and right now, I thank You Father God I declare Coronavirus illegal in President Donald Trump, his family and his team. I pray for Your shield of divine protection be upon them, grant them strong immunity and great stamina. I also pray that President Donald Trump finds favour with the American citizens just as He finds favour with You Lord. I pray for Your Intervening Hands be upon President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence and the team to lead, guide and direct them to fight the coronavirus and speedily contain the spread of the virus. As they acknowledge Your Name, You will deliver them from every situation. They will call on You, and You will answer them; You will be with them in trouble, You will deliver them and honor them.
    With long life, You will show them Your salvation and everyone will know that You are in their midst and that You, The Great I Am, and Jesus, is the God of America. In Jesus' Name, I decree and declare that no weapon formed against President Donald Trump, his family and his team shall prosper, and any tongue that rises against in judgement You shall condemn. Thank You Father for Your steadfast love for America. In Jesus' Almighty Name, I pray. Amen.

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