Resurrection Sunday during Corona in Jerusalem & World, Like No Other 4/10/20

Resurrection Sunday during Corona in Jerusalem and the world like no other; and the IDF takes its stand on the front lines against invisible enemy; plus CBN broadcasts Jerusalem’s Garden Tomb’s Easter service with the timeless resurrection …



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  1. THE FOOLISH VIRGINS. PASSOVER and RESURRECTION DAY, the fact that RESURRECTION day is called"Easter"? Points to a problem.
    Like Elijah before the COMMONWEALTH of God,so ELIJAH once again (the body of Christ the new MAN is the Elijah for our time) because the Lord is going to save those who has forsaken Loving their neighbors saying in their hearts "my Lord delayeth His return".
    Judgement starts at the HOUSE of God, and they are judged MERCY.

  2. He wasn't stuck in the chest, it was the side
    In that pic of the resurrection tomb it show His burial clothes strewn all over, but that isn't true, they were laying in place neatly folded.
    These little facts matter.
    Be more careful how you make your videos.

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