Jemar Tisby Confronts His Collaborators

For African American Christians in the evangelical church, cognitive dissonance is a way of life. As African Americans approach cultural change, there’s a long-standing tension between working within mainstream institutions, seeking to provide insight and challenge whenever possible, and then finding their work most effective outside of those institutions.

That’s where Jemar Tisby finds himself: “I want to be very careful about where I place my voice.”

In this final episode of The Disruptors, a conversation between Esau McCaulley, an African-American professor at a majority white institution, and Jemar Tisby, founder and president of The Witness and author of The Color of Compromise, illuminates the dissonance. More importantly, this conversation clearly demonstrates how this tension serves as an ever-present reminder that the racial struggles we face in the American church flow from historical struggles.

Visit Jemar’s website, and follow him on Twitter: @JemarTisby.

The Disrupters: Change What Is is produced by CT Creative Studio in partnership with InterVarsity Press.

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The Disrupters is hosted by Esau McCaulley. Visit his website, and follow him on Twitter: @esaumccaulley.

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