Speaker Pelosi Condemns Trump's Cuts to WHO While Other World Leaders Show Support

Speaker Pelosi Condemns Trump’s Cuts to WHO While Other World Leaders Show Support

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  1. God is punishing America with viruses and destruction because of King of Liars trump. God's blessings upon us after King of Liars trump is destroyed in November. The demon currently in the White House will be cast out, and America will rejuvenate. 1 Timothy: 4:1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. I pray that many open their eyes to the King of Liars trump and return to the teachings of our savior Jesus Christ. God bless.

  2. Do you know Nancy and her husband are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and they made much of their money with overseas trade? As a Globalist she is paid and bought by China. Why would Pelosi say anything otherwise? Susan Rice, The Clinton’s, and a whole host of others love global trade. They make tons of money while their fellow countrymen toil and labor for low wages. She is a traitor.💵🇨🇳

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  5. You're gone and you know it pelosi! You are finished. Your name is on an indictment and will pay very soon. You are a disgrace. Throw your whiney tantrums and TRY to change the narrative, but make no mistake. YOU ARE DONE!

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