Faith Nation: April 17, 2020





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  1. It's so sad to see what's going on. God Is A Healer of all our diseases. By his stripes we are healed. Lay hands on the sick they shall recover repent world Acts 2: 38 not the titles. Receive it

  2. I heard that China bought it from the University of North Carolina, they have a Level 4 Laboratory there, for a few million dollars!!! Then they mixed it with other viruses to make it lethal, including the aides virus, to use it in "Germ Warfare"!!! It was instigated, however, by the Democratic Party and Nancy PELOSI and her Minions, as they are trying to keep Trump out of the White House, but it went terribly wrong and out of control!!! I Know that it sounds COMPLETELY far fetched, but do some research and find out for Yourself!!! The Truth needs to be known, because they are blaiming the Chinese Government, but not everyone involved!!!

  3. Churches within. You're born into it when you are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ then you shall receive a gift of the Holy Ghost. Then you go into all the world and you preach the gospel. Sincerely get baptized. And receive Christ as your personal savior before it's too late amen

  4. That Michigan governor needs to be removed and tried for treason how dare she say if you the people we the people exercise their first amendment to assembly and peace speak our minds freedom of speech then you will be punished what just a little bit more lengthy lockdown who the hell does she think she is umichigan people you better stand up now

  5. What ever happened to God will provide? Capitalist have wrapped your minds to love money. To put the economy before human life. It is not your fault really, from childhood you have been taught to pledge your allegiance to a flag and to the republic. The truth shall set you free. You have nothing to lose but your chains. Repent and turn towards God. God Bless!

  6. Cuomo is bad news . Ya a lot of people died in a New York hospital but it’s still a fraction compared to how many babies get murdered in abortion clinics and it doesn’t hit the news . Judgment on New York Big time

  7. I don't blame them but they could add some precautions like maybe sanitising that food market that they have there and maybe keep it a bit cleaner. Also keeping labs in the same area as a red meat market is not the best idea. They should not pay, that sounds a bit bad, but at least change to the best of us all. Implement certain things that can prevent or minimise things like this.They could study the origin of that thing and cut it down from the root. It is most probably a natural cause that can be controlled by just using some in those area where it is not clean. They could add some rules in that market, like no meat on the floor etc. I mean I was never there, but seen some pictures online and I suppose they were showing that place. Assuming that was true, ..(that is my personal opinion).

  8. Preventing the world to investigate seems suspicious .China can't give orders to the world not to investigate 🤔And what's with the democrats keep on defending Chinese regime? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔They have involvement I'll bet for democrats to be trashing America defending China. It has everything to do with next election China preference to creepy Joe Biden over Trump.

  9. Don't complain if you get sick as well be responsible if you affect someone. This isn't about you only, it's other people in it to be considered because if you think you life matters, so does everyone else.

  10. Oh goodness, so selfish. Let them get out there and die if they choose. Prom, are you kidding me? I’m sorry but the medical community get paid to do this and they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t get paid for it and wouldn’t work overtime unless they got big bucks to do it. I know this because I use to work with them.

  11. For the OLDEST to the YOUNGEST have acquired idols for themselves. Whether it be "OUR" careers/schooling/diplomas/athletics/investments/relationships/ethnicity/ nation. Recognize God has given these things and when they become idols, He indeed has the ability to take them away!!!

  12. seriously ?? the world is fighting a deadly virus pandemic and YOU think its news worthy that spoiled American school kids don't get to go to a party/prom ?? their parents should be slapped for raising idiot selfish children. pathetic

  13. Pelosi and her thugs are enjoying showing her refrigerators fulls of food and her expensive ice cream and chocolate and here people of America are all hungry what a wicked House of a Representative thinking only herself..

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