CBN NewsWatch PM: April 21, 2020

The latest on the Corona virus and it’s impact on the economy and jobs and businesses. What David Benham and one prolife group are doing about being arrested outside an abortion clinic. Todd Starnes has details on a major lawsuit over the … …

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  1. In Australia a lot of businesses are open . Restaurants are open for takeaway and delivery they just remove all their seats you just not allowed to seat in restaurants and cafe or in food courts . Travelling, The sports events , wedding, religious gathering are not allow to avoid the spread of this virus. You can see the people in Australia understand they need to take their own precautions. You see few people walk on the street and park only two are allowed keep the distance. We got sanitizers bottle in place in the banks, medical centre , groceries shop to use before entering. The Australian people are allowed to to do . renovation , repotting , painting or gardening at Bunning warehouse they have a bottle sanitizer in place at the front entry for everybody to used.
    Coles and Woolworths cleans their baskets with sanitizer before they give you in the morning when the elders come through the doors. You even have sanitiser near the escalators . You can’t depend only on the President bombarding him with insult during this crises or attack the health department to save your life everyone must do their part including business owners , employees and household. These governors are wrong treating their people and business owners as children they get it. They need to put Sanitiser bottle in place for employees, customers and clients to use.

  2. Fauci is driven by fear which is fueled by ignorance or incomplete information. Don't listen to him, he is just a hack. Also dont allow politicians to usurp our liberties. Give me liberty or give me death!

  3. Told you so. It's not what you think. Wake up world. Protect Israel. US. Pray without ceasing. Wake up about what's really going on. Most especially with Government(s, and the blended. Agendas. Agenda. Remember your God given right(s from Father God Lord Jesus. Fight to protect it. Blessings.

  4. Has anyone asked what happens when our businesses fail? They are so worried about the death from COVID but what happens when your people go broke? No purchases no businesses? No food, how many die then? How much chaos and anarchy happens then? Civil war? Should we worry about how many die from COVID or should we worry about the mass death of a nation and millions of its people because of lack of food, anarchy, and civil war? One last question, have we forgotten about our military enemies who care nothing for their own people, what kind of target do we become when we are in collapse, possibly a good one? It is really a simple choice, isn't it?

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