President Trump Plans to 'Temporarily Suspend Immigration' into US

President Trump Plans to ‘Temporarily Suspend Immigration’ into US

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  1. Trump is so right we have way too many illegal immigrants and legal immigrants but mainly too freaking many illegal immigrants. We literally cant afford to take in and provide for any more people. Too many including able bodied citizens have been leeching thr system. No more once this is over drastically reduce legal immigration and prevent all illegal immigration. Might have to send more ppl back home. Too many low wage workers under cutting society flooding housing and schools. Also in hope this virus or whatever is over soon and ppl can get back to work and off unemployment

  2. Well done Mr Trump! You are doing the very best for the people of America! But you must stop the FBI from taking control over all food sources and supplies! Stop the big corporations from stealing the foodstuffs from the USA people! Make sure that transport is available for farmers and stop the processing plants from closures! People need your to feed their families!

  3. Is this news commentator a trump hater leftest It Sounds like he is! Some anti trump fake news in here too cbn is not the godly pure news perspective it used to be but has gone suspiciously anti trump leftest and ungodly what is in their souls?

  4. Why are your Democrats representative not happy when your head of State wants to give you (locals and immigrants who are already there) jobs first?
    It seems that these people do not want to get out of the house and let new immigrants take over the workforce and they stay at home taking gov aid and do nothing?
    Or perhaps, taking his words again out of context?
    It is all about timing and learning to live a new kind of life. Work and also stay healthy.
    When it is safe, then new immigrants can go and work too, yes?
    And locals take the lead on their own economy. Is that a bad thing?

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