New Stimulus Bill Works Through Congress as 20 States Eye Re-Opening Economies

New Stimulus Bill Works Through Congress as 20 States Eye Re-Opening Economies

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  1. Oh boy i sure hope these guys are listening to "THE guru: MOM". For certain her voice echoing through the Congressional chambers, "Don't spend what you dont have & When you do spend remember to take a little and put it away for a rainy day". Yet in this situation perhaps Wisdom runs deeper than Mom's words of wisdom. I hope so bcz Its raining.

  2. Ok lets open businesses that do nothing to help anyone. Why wont they start food production and the things we need to live? This is complete fallacy. They clearly do not want to help the people. And frankly at this point who cares about the virus when 22 million people are filing for unemployment. Small businesses have bigger problems than just reopening. They need consumers and without consumers they go bankrupt.

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