News on The 700 Club: April 22, 2020

The Chinese and the Russians are reportedly pushing a disinformation campaign to blame the United States for the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, Georgia pushes forward to reopen it’s economy on Friday, despite no two-week decline in coronavirus cases. The governor will allow bowling alleys, barber shops, massage parlors and other business that disregard social distancing rules to reopen. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina worries there will be repercussions that spill over into South Carolina. As seen on “The 700 Club,” April 22, 2020.

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  1. 8:42 QUESTION: "Can Corona virus kill globalization as we know it?"

    ANSWER: Are you kidding??? That is partly what the virus is for. To program people to be 'united' to fight as one in a war against CV 19. To surrender more individual rights in this process – for humanity to be molded as ONE for the coming NWO of Rev 13.

    C'mon "Team World". Let us rally! Go Fight Win! (yeah right. pffft.)

     Thank God Christians leave earth in Rev 4:1 "Come up hear says the voice like a TRUMPET"

    Timeline 10:08 "we are connecting in different ways"….YUP!

    "Those who have eyes to see…"

  2. First china blamed the Africans for the coronavirus, Now they want deceived other countries to say America is responsible for the breakout of the coronavirus to get the heat off them, and the thing is!!!! that they know that other countries are going to believe them, China is trying to destroy all other countries so they can takeover the world like they're trying to do Africa..America needs to cross all their "T's" and dot all their "I's"…America is missing the mark… can't they see, this coronavirus they put out intentionally is to destroy America and other countries..I'm not going to say the rest…America figure it out!!..

  3. I heard Bill Gates out of his own mouth say that he created a vaccine that he going to send to South Africa for the flu he said that should decrease the population quite a bit out of his own mouth I am not getting the second hand if you're going to spread propaganda I don't even want to listen to you

  4. Hello I'm asking everybody everywhere wherever they are on Sunday the 27th of April at 11 a.m. if they would say the Lord's Prayer may God Almighty bless the nations bless the whole world and bless each and everyone of you thank you

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