No Pomp and Circumstance: Many in Class of 2020 Will Mark Graduation Without Proms, Ceremonies Due t

No Pomp and Circumstance: Many in Class of 2020 Will Mark Graduation Without Proms, Ceremonies Due to Pandemic

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  1. No participation trophy? What a shame? How will the little creeps even remember they went to school without the participation trophy? Give me a break, so many things are more important than celebrating yourself!

  2. There is a reason why GOD shut-down their prom. Most of them are doing stuff on their prom night they shouldn’t be doing on anyway. A lot of Virginities are gone out the window on prom night. There’s a reason why GOD shut this stuff down.

  3. I feel some (a small amount of) sympathy for the class of 2020 my daughter is in in 8th grade and she’s missing her junior prom, senior picnic, and middle school graduation ceremony that being said although we know acquaintances who have died from the carona virus no one in my family immediate and extended even have died from the virus.

    Many people are dying so it’s way more of a blessing to not be dead or fighting for your life on a ventilator right now. I wish the people in this story would have at least acknowledged and said RIP to all the people who have lost their lives to the virus or something. This piece comes across as a little trivial and shallow (even considering what the young lady had to overcome) . Thank Jesus for life and don’t dwell on the insignificant prom or graduation ceremony you lost! Seriously people are losing their lives, people are losing their businesses and livelihoods, people are losing their minds, and your just losing a graduation and prom really small in comparison!

    By the way yes my daughter will probably get to experience high school graduation and prom in the future however it definitely won’t be the same because she’s going to a new high school where none of her current friends are going. Yet and still I’m trying to teach her what matters most, life in Jesus Christ the end.

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