Say Goodbye to America's Oil Independence – The Saudis Are Trying to Kill It

Say Goodbye to America’s Oil Independence – The Saudis Are Trying to Kill It

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  1. The majority of the 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, but we attacked Iraq. Saudi Arabia is a bad ally.

    On top of that, why is any foreign entity allowed to buy property in the US? Foreigners aren't allowed to buy land in China, yet we allow Chinese nationals to buy property in the US.

  2. A temporary tariff is important, or else force a soft reopening of businesses in states that resist it. Letting Saudis have control of our oil markets gas caused our economy to crash in the past. This needs action.

  3. Bs. It is the Communist formerly democratic party in cahoots w Iran Ccp Russia more than Saudi arabia. They may contribute too but the latter is more prolific in this fight. Edit Saudi arabia may have been solely to blame in the past but not now.

  4. ..the demand is obviously through the floor due to covid 19, what do you expect??.. it is beyond silly to think that they want to sell below cost to bankrupt the US, they will go bankrupt 10x over before they accomplish what you are dispelling in this blurt!!

  5. Ok, so temporary layoffs. Eventually, the economy will be back. Welcome to the rest of the population, gentlemen. Time to put on some big boy britches and plan for the future. Tariff the hell out of Saudis Arabia….

  6. CBN, now if I’m wrong correct me, seems to be leaning a little toward the opposition. We have relied on CBN to give us truth for years but lately they’re just parroting the MSM.
    Time to investigate ties, I guess.

  7. Collapse the economy with fake events that may only be half true. You name it. Usher in the antichrist and implement the Mark of the Beast. They don't report about all the natural disasters that are going though. A great channel to see these events is called the 2 preachers

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