Sen. Rand Paul Warns US Debt Nearing 'Point of No Return', Backs Calls to Reopen Economy

Sen. Rand Paul Warns US Debt Nearing ‘Point of No Return’, Backs Calls to Reopen Economy

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  1. It makes no sense to me that I can go to Walmart and Home Depot but not Hobby Lobby or a clothing store. It is like our government is giving Walmart preferential treatment and we the people are forced to go to these stores if we want to get food and other stuff. Believe me, people are not shopping in Walmart just for food. Our government has ruined lives and livelihoods with their stupidity and un-Constitutional policies. I can social distance at Hobby Lobby just as good as I can at Walmart. I wish all the stores and businesses not allowed to open would sue the hell out of our governments. The federal, state, and local governments are just like communist nut ball countries.

  2. What they are saying is bottom line there must be sacrifices but not the kind you think. Instead of getting rid of these money hungry politicians, let this virus run it's course and kill off some of the population. Who cares as long as I'm not one of the statistics. That's the attitude. Just get that economy going!

  3. Rand Paul is just ignorant with respect to the plan. Trump knows we are at a fiscal point of no return. The current, utterly illicit system used by the Feds is being milked for all its worth. Money is being put in the hands of the American taxpayer, not those of the globalists, who have been simply printing money for their own agenda. Upon the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve, the dollar will be reborn, once again with a gold standard.

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