Sid Roth: God is Using Passover, COVID-19 to Do Something 'Supernatural' on Earth

Sid Roth: God is Using Passover, COVID-19 to Do Something ‘Supernatural’ on Earth

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  1. No it was not God who did this it was the Communist formerly democrat party and their satanic minions in cahoots with CCP. Soros too who is one of the devils disciples contributed as well. Edit I as a christian can see this clearly. Faith will help get us through this but it won’t put food on the table. I have to do that myself.

  2. COVID19 : certification of vaccination identification 2019 = micro chips program lead by bill gates & co 
    (check the website of bill gates foundation it says there microchips program).
    scaring people to confine them home meanwhile they prepare the vaccination and micro chips
    they just gonna force 7 billions to put the micro chips in people arms to control us and track thats why they are pushing for the 5G…
    you all fell in the establishment trap again like always

  3. 🤔💭 I do not trust Sid Roth. To my knowledge, none of his personal testimonies about how he got to where he is at, right now, include him actually saying that he acted out actual obedience to the requirements of the Biblical Gospel, at some point. To the contrary, they always seem to just skip over this issue, as if one is left to assume that he did so, at some point.

    I could be wrong, on this point. However, so far, I have not seen evidence for the contrary of what I am saying, here.

  4. Heads up! Our meat is being shipped to China to be packaged and sent back here? This could be the source of contacting disease? They are an anti christ spirit there?Should they be financially rewarded and risk our citizens?

  5. Pure political agenda for Trump. Politic has nothing to do with the Bible. Bible is all about GOD'S kingdom. Even Jesus Christ taught about GOD'S KINGDOM & taught us to pray for GOD'S kingdom. If anyone says that the GOD support anything other than his Kingdom, it's clear blasphemy. wait and see. This prophets hide their face

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