As US Death Toll Passes 50,000 and Job Losses Soar, New Economic Aid on the Way

As US Death Toll Passes 50,000 and Job Losses Soar, New Economic Aid on the Way

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  1. I am so sick of this!!! OPEN UP THE STATES! How about helping business' and American tax payers by ending this farce and letting people get back to work! Everyone KNOWS the numbers aren't real! Open it back up and let people get back to work! I'm STILL working but I lost $41k on my 401k ALL because of the MSM and idiots like you blowing this all out of proportion and causing FEAR, FEAR,FEAR! I'm STILL working yet I'm having to pay more taxes now for these stupid stimulus bailouts! The MSM really, really, screwed America with this Season of Fear. So many people lost soooo much money all do to the MSM's political agenda's. Open up the businesses and let people work and STOP spending money we don't have!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!

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