What's Next in the Fight Against Coronavirus | News on The 700 Club, April 27, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” April 27, 2020.:

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  1. They closed the US oil wells before. Just keep prices low and people will keep buying. President Trump said certain things COULD help with getting rid of the virus. He didn't say you SHOULD inject anything.

  2. AMEN!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! Free the captives free!!! Proclaim liberty for those all around the world who are oppressed and are suffering. Lord we you know you can make a way when there is no way! in Jesus name!

  3. Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Niceragua, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against , principalities, powers,the rulers of the rulers of the darkness of this age, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, that is behind the torches, corruption, human trafficking, starvation, ill treatment, oppression of people in those countries! I bond you and rebuked you in the name of JESUS CHRIST loose the people and let them go, now! Amen

  4. The captives He referred to were the Old Testament Saints who died longing for the Messiah, and whose souls were in the earth awaiting Jesus' sacrifice for their sins. He descended into the earth for 3 days, freeing those Saints (captives) and taking them up to Heaven. Jesus sets all captives free by faith in Him as we proclaim He is the Son of God. I do agree to be in prayer for the No. Koreans and Iranians

  5. Pat needs to stop rambling about dictators and communist — doesn't he know that the Bible says there will be a global communist/dictatorship in Rev 13 ?? people don't get freed from communism/dictators, its gonna get WORSE and global…..

  6. 8:08 this woman seems to be selling the vaccine, and the chip. shes talking about how good it would be for people to know if they're immune..etc. ID2020 is going to monitor people and tell people if they have the virus and the government can see it too, also, Bill Gates is selling it with a cryptocurrency. What a load of junk. Do NOT get the chip!!

  7. Lorie, you're going to have to answer to Jesus for why you're doing this. Believers can see it in your eyes that you're not sincere. Repent. All we can see is "i'm doing a great job, I'm on TV, and I won't blow this. I'm gonna get paid!" You know that you're being lied to, and whatever is in your personal life you can take to Jesus too.. don't be a promoter of this ID Lorie, You'll have to answer to Jesus for it. Don't go that way. Money can't save you.

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