Faith Nation: April 28, 2020

Testing takes center stage as the push to re-open America becomes a top priority. We have the latest on the Coronavirus crisis. Plus, will the U.S. face a food shortage? Why millions of pound of meat may disappear from the supply chain, and … …



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  1. How about we honor those that have died and for the families without their loved ones because of the testing because of the coronavirus or COVID-19 that we all know came out of China with help from people that are hiding the truth from the president that we all know we the people care about our loved ones

  2. No more free speech. It's all the Roman Catholic Church doctrines and degrees in hell. I'm sorry I wasn't a good watchman, I did not blow the trumpet loud enough. The fire alarm is screaming fire fire fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 without Jesus we're lost.only Jesus saves and only Jesus forgives SINS please give your life to him ask forgiveness of your sins and repent ask Jesus to forgive you believe he did.

  3. Flu Deaths still outnumber covid deaths. The math is clear, this is a Fake Pandemic, and it's deceived even the elite of Christ. So many think they are rendering to Caesar by obeying the quarantines. NOT the way of Christ at all. Jesus was all about civil disobedience as that's why he was crucified. He disobeyed the laws of the Priesthood and he didn't play Roman panderings that would have allowed him to walk away a free man. He defied and denounced and died for their sins.Jesus was a Prosecutors worst case, a man that would not plea bargain for his life! Some of Christ will not likewise pander a fake plague. I will stay my faith that the quarantine will kill and harm more people than the covid19 deaths.

  4. Pastor Tony spell is being persecuted in your home state Mr. Perkins but you refuse to speak a single word in his defense! How wrong we were to think of you as an ally. Louisianians read what you did say about him getting arrested for holding church service not being a form of persecution and belittling our hardship compared to other persecutions around the world. And the local anti-christian newspaper used your words against us to help increase fellow Christian public sentiments against our cause. If you disagreed then you should have just kept your mouth shut rather than speak a word against us. Without Pastor Spell we have virtually no where else to attend church here in Louisiana! The Government has intimidated all the others into closing their doors. You might not care to attend church service but some of us take Hebrews 10:25 as a commandment we're willing to die for. To hell with that coward virus narrative!

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