CBN NewsWatch PM: April 29, 2020

Efforts to keep America’s food supply in-tact as the nation battles COVID19. Good news about the drug Remdesivir and it’s ability to fight the Coronavirus. Boeing takes a huge hit in America’s lockdown. Jews and Christians face battles … …

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    go to this website and sign this petition , because our American farmers are having to kill their livestock instead of us being able to purchase it and they are buying meat from other countries and putting trying to put our Texas beef out of business , this is very important

  2. De Blasio, attacking the Jewish community only a week after Cuomo discounted God, faith, and prayers on the public stage, regarding the coronavirus. He said God didn't make the numbers go down, not faith, not prayers, he said they made the amount of covid 19 patients go down. Not good for the faithful of New York.

  3. Some people wish social distancing was issued long before corona virus, regardless. Racist are happy to sustain social distancing long after the Plannedemic. We need to replace historical systematic racism with a system of justice. It took quite some time to reveal the disparities in isolated communities of low income and non white peoples. Lets see how white people in power behave, when all peoples of all skin colors need help. The media is professionally edited to reveal a specific construct anyway.

  4. why are we getting meat from only 21 or so meat distributers in the whole of america this is outrageous!!!!! These people shouldn’t have to risk their health like this
    America is now worried about not having enough meat at our stores I think Maybe if America wasn’t run by all these massive cooperate companies, we’d have plenty of sources to be getting our meat from!
    look at Europe they don’t have this problem they have thousands and thousands of small stores such as butcher stores in every city and small town I’m from Ireland when I’m there we go to the local butcher for our meat, the butchers get the meat they sell from all the local farmers in their area same with dairy. If we learn anything from all this it should be to be more responsible in the way we shop here in America why are we so reliant on all these big cooperate companies support small businesses and local stores and btw giant companies such as amazon they are not doing us any favors!

  5. This is why we should have KEPT the local food supply we had for centuries before the modern city life drew everyone away from the farm. We all moved to cities and suburbs and left the farms to become property of big food corporations that established big supply chains for moving food to city stores and no one asked any questions as long as the food kept appearing on the store shelves. Now we have a generation of people who think food comes from a store. We have kids who don't know potatoes come from the ground and hamburgers come from cows. In the past great societies like Egypt had their food warehouses (see Pharaoh's dream interpreted by Joseph) but they weren't bringing loads of South American nuts, corn from Spain, milk from Rome, beef from South Africa, they weren't sending their chickens out to a massive Greek company to process and send back, they definitely didn't let China finance the pyramids and Pharaoh's fancy clothing wasn't made there either. The founding fathers of America were farmers. That is how they survived the winters and they traded what they produced for stuff that boat captains arrived with. America's oldest cities were originally towns surrounded by the farms that supported them. Now those farms are suburbs with street names like Barnyard Court and Apple Hill Road.

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