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Denison Forum’s ‘Daily Article’ added to Baptist Standard content

Baptist Standard Publishing and Denison Forum have entered into an agreement to republish the popular Daily Article written by Jim Denison and published by Denison Forum.

Each week, the Standard will republish on its website one of the five Daily Articles. The republished Daily Article also will appear on the Baptist Standard Facebook and Twitter feeds.

“Denison Forum is glad to partner with those committed to Christ and his word, and we’re grateful for partnerships that continue to expand the kingdom,” Blake Atwood, managing editor of Denison Forum, said.

Daily Articles can be accessed on the Baptist Standard website under the Opinion tab or at the Daily Article page on the Denison Forum website.

The mission of Denison Forum is “to thoughtfully engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective.” In each Daily Article, Denison examines trending cultural issues and current events, applying biblical insight to empower “believers to navigate current issues and share the timeless truths of God’s word with a changing culture.” - shop now!

Denison was interviewed for the Standard’s On the Way podcast to be released April 29. In his interview, he discusses questions his father asked about God and how those questions shaped Denison’s ministry. Click here to listen to his interview. - shop now!

The Daily Article is emailed to subscribers each weekday morning. Click here to subscribe.

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