Missing in Action: Where Is Kim Jong Un? And Could His Sister Become N Korea's Next Leader?

Missing in Action: Where Is Kim Jong Un? And Could His Sister Become N Korea’s Next Leader?

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  1. Does China originate virus in December 2019(COVID 19) Helps China?
    World distracted by the COVID, Beijing might well make a Bold Gamble to Intervene In North Korea in the name of PEACE, ORDER & HUMANITARIAN AID. Physically entering N. Korea securing nuclear and missile sites, to ensure stability, would cement Beijing’s Control over the Kim regime.

  2. Kim Jong Un very2 surely must be the most reclusive xenophobic self acclaimed leader on the planet! He is a merciless tyrant to hv absolute power control over 25 million +++ souls who hv become robotic beings!
    Even Trump is in awe of him & wish to be able to be like him, having absolute power & control , in God-like manner!

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