On The Home Front – May 5, 2020

On The Home Front – May 5, 2020

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  1. Why is it that you have to mention Hollywood on their option being important? You use the good then attack it with negativity. You are far from being a Christian station. You love to ride on heel of the dark side. How dare you mention Hollywood as if they matter! It goes to show you how one becomes exposed. Tuning you OUT!

  2. To be honest any religion any person, no matter where you live never hate any other religion or man kind. But if we send troops to other country and start killing their people then they stand to fight. Should we call them terarist who protect their home and life? This is all politics, why spreading hate in human kind any normal citizen never has anything to do with other country. Let's say if I go UK bring bunch of friends and start killing them, then I am terarist not the UK people. But here USA sent troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and many more countries for their own political benifits and then call those countries terarist. What kind of people are you, kill others and then call them terarist. What they did to you personally. If Iran Iraq personal dispute make you interupt you and kill the one who is not so close to you, then you create every country to hate you. And wherever you go they will watch you with hate. But if you act others dispute is not your business you won't receive that hate. Let's say if you try to keep peace in the world, who kill their own public or any man kind then go kill chinese CCP, who world knows CCP is butchering their own people for their own benifits. Can America govt., send troops to kill worse government in man kind? If USA can then I agree you guys are doing fairly to this world.

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