The Global Lane – April 30, 2020

The Global Lane – April 30, 2020

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  1. Why are these people speaking for the population? Who told them that everyone is looking forward to getting vaxxed? I definitely don't want you injecting something into me or my family with less than a 2 year study.

  2. Government overreach is Boston Tea Party material; pay attention Democrats. Fauci is a Gates stooge; gates wants to profit from forcible vaccinations that he hopes to hold the patent for. BTW, Fauci paid China's Wuhan lab for virology studies that are illegal in the U.S.

  3. Hey bald guy with the mental case vaccine comments and negative financial forecasts. Keep yo jackass mouth closed. We don't need vaccines to get the economy going. You New World order yahoo

  4. Father I pray for Kim Jon Un, if he is alive, I pray for his salvation that if he is coherent that he accepts Your free gift of Salvation through Your Precious Son Jesus Christ. If he is sick and lives, let him be a testimony to you. In Jesus Mighty and Matchless Name Amen!

  5. As a christian I completely adhere to the freedom to gather together. But we are also told by the Lord to obey the lands laws, and I think to complain about not having that freedom was too soon. We need to be peace loving and to demand that right when you did looked like spoilt children. A few more weeks/ months and if they were still enforcing a lockdown without the corresponding high numbers on infections, then yeah . But too soon In my view. Christians need to be wise and intelligent and not make it worse for other christians going forward.

  6. The big question is what exactly was in those missiles North Korea shot off into the 'SEA' all those times they were testing missiles? If no nuclear went off, what exactly did those missiles do to the 'Seas' and/or oceans? Case in Point: Was it Biological? Obviously, they were missiles, so they would be considered weapons, and North Korea is pretty much controlled by China.

  7. The LORD's prophets have been shown the Corona Virus was created as a bio weapon in China to destroy life & to destroy the world; "their vaccine" has also been created as poison to kill lives. As to Kin Jong un-one of their own affirm the man is dead.

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