CBN NewsWatch PM: May 1, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: May 1, 2020

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  1. Proud of those people, it is sickening to see their leaders turned into the victim through this, while their people are terrified about rent for this month. Absolutely sick. We, Americans, are watching you and see what you are doing. It is disgusting. Many have been awakened to the BS of the media during this time and the pawns that run the states.

  2. Nursing homes in New Mexico are filthy, rat infested, with idiots as Management running it. They need to be investigated by Federal government NOT state government, all democrat controlled state, they cannot be trusted. This nursing homes need to also explain broken legs and bones on some of the elderly.

  3. There's no room in this world today for career politicians , got to have the ethics and experience and moral values to qualify for that position and you can't do things out of hate they will lose the election, Democrats and wolves in sheep's clothing !

  4. These people are so full of it, Call themselves Christians.. This reporter is so smug and condescending! (Minority Communities) It's the White Community that refuse to follow the stay at home orders, and don't follow social distancing.. Always will find away to blame people of color for everything..

    These people turn my stomach how they look down on minorities.. But they are Christians, yeah right…..

    Romans 13:1-7

  5. Those umbers are normal for oldies and young with flu get real; their immune systems are weaker than walking jogging middles.

    But now the ones who haven't been allowed to go to the gym will have upset their health too

  6. I grew up in Mich. I am sorry for the people of my home state because of all this happening. I hope that the people of Mich. will wake up and see what happens when they elect the left into power, and this Nov. vote them all out, and vote in people who work again for the people of Mich.and the good of the USA, and not those who just want power, and think of its citizens as unessential!

  7. This is the natural extension of modern society's demand that other people give up their liberties to make us feel safe.
    Modern medicine has extended the lifespan through more and more intrusive intervention.
    And now, modern medicine deems it necessary to intrude into the lives of other healthy people, to try to extend the lives of those already near their time of death.

    How are we to develop "herd immunity" if we all try to hide from the virus?
    Everyone is going to HAVE to face this virus!
    Shutting society down is only slowing the process, and making it much more painful for everyone.

    Isolation is painful emotionally, especially to children and elderly folks.
    Children cannot play with their friends. They're driven indoors, and their faces plastered to a screen.
    Old people can only look out their windows and weep, longing for their families' familiar faces.

    This cure is worse than the disease.

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