Home Self-Testing for COVID-19 Available to Public in Coming Weeks: How Does it Work?

Home Self-Testing for COVID-19 Available to Public in Coming Weeks: How Does it Work?

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  1. DO NOT TAKE COVID TESTS OR VACCINES, please believe me they aren't for your good, the Anti-Christ is coming soon as we are in the Last Days, the governments already serve him and he will rise to rule them soon, the CDC's Covid tests were proven to be contaminated with Covid and they distributed them as test kits to the public. Also Bill Gates said ON RECORD I can show you the video, that due to the rising population, if he does a good job with vaccines the population will decrease by 10 to 15 percent.

    Listen to me, we have the proof but Google which owns Youtube censors the information by removing videos they don't want people to see, the proof is out there and vaccines are NOT FOR YOUR GOOD, you will either receive this by faith or doubt it but please believe me.

  2. Trust the Word of God.
    No tests, no vaccines. Do not comply with this demonic roll out of the beast system. We over come him(Antichrist) by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony and NOT loving our lives unto to death. Revelation 12:11. Real faith must be fearless against this great lie they are propagating.

  3. They're desperate to increase the numbers of supposedly infected people. Here in Western Australia we had zero cases yesterday, and only a handful of deaths overall, and they just announced they're going to start testing the school kids and aged care workers.

    Why are they testing normal healthy people unless they're intentionally trying to inflate the numbers? All they're really doing is showing that even if people do have this supposed virus, they are healthy with no symptoms. It's not a big deal. Just a lot of media and government propoganda to try to usher in their new world order.

  4. I work for Mercy. These things will come down the line for us and I have to pray for these things but I feel the same, if I ain’t sick, no reason to test period. It was hard to get them to test the patient when they were sick but now they are saying , here, we will mail it to you, makes no sense.

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