'Re-Open Church Sunday': Justice Dept. Pushes Back as State and Local Governments Threaten Religious

‘Re-Open Church Sunday’: Justice Dept. Pushes Back as State and Local Governments Threaten Religious Liberties



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  1. Taking care of myself is my RELIGIOUS practices.
    The church's had forsaken those who the Lord has chosen, because of their poverty and neediness. After the aborted babies then the next undesirable is the ABLE'S.
    Those who Cain kills.

  2. Grocery stores such as Walmart, Smart N Final etc are not packed as they LIMIT the number of people that can go in . Churches will need to stand up for their God given rights to peacefully assemble.

  3. So why do these guys need to sue If God answers prayer? I think God allowed this because most of these churches are not preaching the true gospel anyway. Many of these pastors are just collecting money and maintaining a lifestyle. They dont fund individuals who want to do evangelism and missions. They've just got the same old people listening to the same old sermons week in and week out. Alot of these churches I've visited the pastors cant even say hello they just sit there aloof surrounded by a bunch of yes men waiting for you to approach them, then they've got the nerve to ask you for a donation. Now the income is drying up and millions are losing jobs they want to take the city to court.

    Maybe after this is over we Christians will be kinder and more welcoming to people.

  4. This is what the "greater good" looks like. They will always push the limits until they can contol you. This is the first part, on YouTube they have been censoring people with differing views that dont have the resources to fight back.

  5. I don't see the Church of Acts in the New Testament demanding their own rights to assemble together. We gave up all our 'rights' in this world when we got born-again..hello? Stop whining and learn how to BE the church of Jesus without having to flock to the same building Sunday after Sunday. Read up on our Chinese and Russian brothers and sisters in Christ who have thrived through persecution WITHOUT any 'well-organized' church services. We have so much to learn still. Lord help us.

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