Global Live Prayer Call on May 1st – Be part of it!

Millions of believers will stand and pray together for

every believer to be a witness and for a billion people to hear the Gospel in May 2020

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  1. Revival has been the cry of my soul since August of 1993. I long to see a spirit of repentance and brokenness throughout the church, a true commitment to Christ and His Kingdom. I'm humbled to be a part of this global 2020 prayer movement.

  2. Faith without works is dead

    Has the work been done to continue Rev Dr Martin Luther Kings Dream of Reparations

    No it hasn't look up wealth calcification and the Racial Wealth Gap

  3. ¿When are Christians going to get their act together when it comes to abortion?

    Since abortion became legal there have been ~46 million abortions in the United States.
    ~70% of Americans identify as Christians. Out of a population of ~328 million that equals almost 230 million Christians.
    Using an average family size of four, that makes ~57 million American Christian families.

    So if every Christian family were to have adopted one fetus that a mother was planning to abort,
    there would have been zero abortions. ZERO.

    At the current annual rate of abortions there are enough Christian families left (~11 million) to prevent every single projected abortion through the year 2038.
    ZERO abortions. All entirely within the power of American Christian families with no change in any laws. ZERO abortions.
    ¿How is it that American Christian families have utterly failed in living up to their Christian ideals on this subject?
    Utterly FAILED.

    ZERO abortions has been possible for American Christians since abortion was legalized.
    And yet there have been ~46 million abortions.
    ALL of which could have been prevented if every American Christian family had adopted just one.
    ¿WHY? ¿Why have American Christians not acted on their professed beliefs?

    It has been entirely within your personal power to have prevented every single abortion over the last 50 years.
    Yet as a group you essentially did nothing.

    One has to question the integrity of your claimed beliefs.
    ZERO abortions.

    All entirely within your personal power to accomplish and yet you personally did nothing.


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