Faith Nation: May 6, 2020

The first Supreme Court religious liberty case heard over teleconference includes a hospitalized Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.The country’s debt reaches new highs, with the U.S. is borrowing trillions more to offset the economic fallout from … …

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  1. There is now a cure or for COVID 19. That many Americans are still suffering from another disease which seems to have no cure forthcoming. And 50% of the population. Is suffering from that disease. That disease is called HATRED & STUPIDITY! Despite the positive gains that Trump has done for all of America they still hate him. How stupid can the Americans be?

  2. Who cares about the vailed box what about our children 🤔 Trump is just doing his best. POLITICS ONLY CARE ABOUT POLITICS!!! BUT FEW CARE ABOUT PEOPLE!!!
    ALL we can do is put OUR full TRUST in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! AMEN!!!

  3. Unfortunately, irregardless whether we lock down or go back to full scale operation in the economy, this virus is going to run its course. What mattered…. was to put into place restrictions from the get go.. we did that and the damage is very small compared to what it could of been. I know china hasn't come out with its actual numbers but they will be the ones to show the full scale damage, i say their deaths are in the Millions… I am sorry they had 1.4 Billion people so your not going to see the difference. Do more digging.. you will see for yourself. there are missing a lot of people, either from being jailed or dead.

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