'Ridiculous': States Tell Supreme Court to Force Nuns to Violate Their 'God-Given Right of Conscienc

‘Ridiculous’: States Tell Supreme Court to Force Nuns to Violate Their ‘God-Given Right of Conscience’

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  1. NO, Leave Them Alone or You'll Have To Answer To Almighty GOD! If Anyone Thinks Otherwise. They're Wrong!! Just Trust Me, on This One! I Sure Wouldn't Want to Stand Before The Throne of GOD w/That on My Record!!! For Pete's-Sake, If The Angels Tremble Around Him, Then Just Imagine, What it Would Be Like for Us!! There is No If and or Buts about It, "Do-Not Anger Your Creator!!" Why, because The Holy Nuns (Sisters) & Priests (Brothers) are, His Friends!!PS. Just Trying, To Help You by Giving You A Heads-Up!! PSS. Also, Why Not Try This First: Loving & Thanking Him for, Everything He Has Given Us!!! 💝

  2. The whole intent of this CCP virus is a Psy-Op to pave the way for the elimination of the Constitution and the ushering in the Beast System.
    Just look at how some of these Orwellian States are acting all of a sudden. Just a few months ago they were just business as usual; now, they're wiping their filthy butts on civil liberties and Constitutions without any regard for common decency. Godless Marxists showing their true colors.
    Look at that power-drunk judge that just sentenced a woman in Arkansas or TX for opening her salon. This was about feeding her family, but the Big Brother judge didn't care. She defied his lordship's mandate. His pride was bruised. See how they are. "It's all about me…I am a god here. How dare you disobey your god". What a stinking POS!
    These stinking judges are something we all would be better off without. Look what that SCOTUS has done to this nation over the last 60 years.
    Very few of them are any account and few have any moral center. Remember the old adage "sober as a judge"?. No…drunk on power as a judge would be more appropriate. When someone sits in their ivory tower on their throne until they actually believe themselves a superior being…it is not going to lead to a good place.

  3. How can the Government force those who love God to offer “birth control” and complacency in medicine where suicide pills are the drug of last resort when a person is suffering the effects of a poorly lived existence. When the Church is instructed to teach abstinence and modesty, traits which are the cornerstone of righteousness. And to diligently respect, honor and appreciate the precious role of women in a strong society where a man’s duty is to practice discipline, austerity and act above reproach. This is nothing but forced decadence and destruction on a National Scale.

  4. This is disgusting! Trying to force a nun or anyone to take a pill that kills an unborn baby. Use a condomn. If u can't keep legs closed or ur junk in ur pants then get fixed. Don't be murdering unborn children! As for women who are raped, u can put the child up for adoption. I was sexually assaulted and drugged but i kept my baby. That is MY BABY!! Not his or anyone else's.. So stop using excuses to murder babies..

  5. Thank you for posting this video I think it's a disgrace what you guys doing whoever is doing that Supreme Court judge or whoever leave these little sisters alone they're doing a good work 40 people unto God I think it's time to keep her little lips closed and maybe help them with a contribution or a donation for what they're doing nobody else I can see is striving to do this why do we have to criticize them for doing a good work in helping these elderly they're taking care of somebody's mother somebody's grandmother it's time to be quiet do your own business quit mingling in somebody else's business that doing good for this world I don't see many of them do that pray for them and maybe give them a blessing

  6. Unbelievable !! From Liberal Ginsburg I love SNL version of Ginsburg. Religous businesses can opt out. Just another attempt 2 keep the Americans contained. That another Ginsburg!!

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