News on The 700 Club: May 12, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” May 12, 2020.:

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  1. We should all repent, turn back to God and OBEY Him. Jesus OBEYED we should follow Him. Not just claim we follow, and then do our own thing like x-mas and Easter, but really follow HIS FEASTS, His Food Laws, EVERYTHING that's possible ACCORDING to His Laws. If it's not possible ACCORDING to His Laws like stoning and sacrifices, then we can't do those legally and right, but it's better to OBEY than to be in REBELLION and LAWLESS.

  2. There are more diseases, pestilences, and catastrophic event coming – this is only the beginning.
    As a Christian, I've had no argument against staying at home; when this pandemic began I was already unemployed and in a financial crisis, so I've had to really depend upon God to provide emotional and financial support since I lost my job in late December. I didn't mind the restrictions during this pandemic because I agreed with them, especially after seeing so many people dying across our nation. I never felt that my rights as an American nor a Christian were being targeted and I was truly ashamed at those so-called Christian churches that continued to defy the government and health professional's orders to stay at home and social distance; if anything, those defiant churches and their people probably only made it possible for Christians to be targeted as socially defiant in the future as things digress across the world.
    This crisis, and those that are yet to come, are going to be a good test of our Faith in the reality of our true belief and trust in God and His Provision.

  3. The problem is the current administration not the government. The reason that average Americans and small business owners are in economic crisis is because of criminal negligence of the Trump administration to address the covid-19 threat out of fear (the opposite of courage) that acknowledging the full scope of the potential crisis (which is now a pandemic that's killed over 80,000 people in America alone) would present an obstacle on his path to reelection because it might spook investors and slow or disrupt the growth trajectory of the market. His negligence (really, willful ignorance) has only been compounded by the fact that instead of allotting enough money to carry average Americans and small business owners through this unprecedented crisis, the Republican majority Congress, with the help of Wall Street Democrats, pushed through what can only be characterized as yet another corporate bailout, which benefits the wealthy, at the expense of us taxpayers, who are just trying to make a living! May God have mercy on us all! And may our minds be made right and our hearts aligned with Christ with the discernment of His indwelling Holy Spirit! And this we pray in Jesus's name, amen!!!

  4. Fauci has stated he is not giving economic advice, he’s only giving advice from his many years of experience in public health. I’m thankful for him…Also, concerning the right to assemble…why not do it safely practicing the 6’ rule and wearing a mask? As a citizen of this country we have a responsibility to protect each other…including from pandemics. I’m grateful that my church is keeping us safe and using video to hold services and Bible studies.

  5. Wearing the masks is counter to good health. It is wrong. Wearing it also contributes to the hysteria. We know people need to be constantly brushing up against microbes… it's the way immune systems are developed & maintained, it's the way herd immunity is developed. If this autumn is bad, it will be because of the prescribed anti-social behavior.

  6. It is time for people to stand up and defy the governament when the government is wrong. Isn't this what our country was built on? Some local governaments are really pushing their authority to see how far they can push us.

  7. Dr Fauci is part of the Soro's demon-rats Mafia, plan to destroy our economy to take down President Trump. Other doctors and scientists, need to come to our defense! Saving our country from DR DEATH, Fauci, Bill Gates and the evildoers in the House of Congress. (The House possessed by demons).

  8. No more free cash out all those people are lazy that want free cash we know some do needs help but a majority of people just want hand out they are Dems they are used to stay home and depend on government checks and good stamps get back to work trust in God fear not for I am with you he said

  9. You religious organizations have to organize the protests -= and bring the socialist-democrat-communists to justice, arrested and jailed for their unconstitutional abuses of small business owners. STAND UP Churches, if you lose this battle – you will N E V E R be allowed to open ever again.
    WE THE PEOPLE RULE. 1st Freedom of Assembly, 4th Amendment Freedom of Private Property. IF the Gestapo are not paying customers – they have no authority to defiantly trespass on Private Property and interfere with normal legal business between consenting adult AMERICANS. Washington D.C. does not have the authority to reach out into religions and pick who will teach the Faith, and what they will be permitted to teach. Unconstitutional.


  11. $$ What if hospitals were paid for Coronavirus people that didn't have it , only on paper and people that died from Coronavirus that was a natural death not Coronavirus only on paper , hospitals receiving money , that didn't happen and wrong number count of real victims because of money and the center of Disease Control was dragging their feet because of money all over a new strain of flu .

  12. Gordon hasn't looked at scientific evidence from those who aren't big pharma puppets. The Wuhan virus manipulated in between 3 labs isn't a conspiracy theory. When all of evidence, connections, communications and patent holders have been in fact released. So many, so called conspiracies have been proven true. TBN had a Bethel guy on telling everyone to take Bill Gates vaccines, that they were good! I pray CBN does not take the pharma bribes and lead people astray.

  13. Whitmer is something other! Like a Gouhl! There should be a citizen’s arrest for Governor Whitmer! How on earth, did she get elected? This US Corporation, is a private, corrupt entity and is not the original Constitutional Republic of our founding fathers! Fauci is another creature from some disgusting swamp! President Trump is surrounded by Vampires, Gouhls and Werewolves, hiding behind political positions. The government must leave the church’s be! Let’s pray for our President!

  14. If the local area you live in has a lid on the Coronavirus then there is no reason you shouldn't move forward while watching and maintaining Social distancing measures. However if the transmissions flare up then we will need to back up, slow down and back off on opening up and go back to staying at home and tightening up the precautions.

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