Prayer Link – Believers Using Power of Prayer to Fight Covid-19 – May 12, 2020

Bethel Worship Leader Sean Feucht discusses what’s behind massive church fire in Indonesia and how Christians should be praying. Plus CBN News Senior Reporter Wendy Griffith shares how one Virginia Ministry is using the power of prayer outside …

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  1. Don't waste your time with prayer. I identify your enemies and destroy them. Start by calling this thing by its proper name. The Gates VIRUS
    Bill Gates and his psychopathic parasitic OLIGARCH pals created this virus and they started it in China because they intend to make the Chinese people the pasties on this one
    Think Lee Harvey China
    Bill Gates is the front man because he seems like a harmless nerd when he is in fact the most dangerous psychopath on the planet
    The people of the world must unite to destroy a very small group of psychopaths who have been running the world and making a complete mess of it for far too long

  2. Thomas Lang – why don't you do everybody a huge favor and just shut up, please!!, You're not helping anybody by your Hollywood theatrics acting like some kind of genius know it all, how dare you tell people not to pray to God, obviously you have no intelligence or godly fear, so please, shut your pie hole up.

  3. Whoever believe in the power of Jesus Christ 🙏, will be protected by His power.
    I am praying for President Trump's administration, especially for having accomplish the prophecy of giving back Israel the Jerusalem capital city.
    I believe that President Trump is under God protection.
    A prayer from Kigali in Rwanda

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