Department of Justice Considering Hate Crime Charges in GA Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery

Department of Justice Considering Hate Crime Charges in GA Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery

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  1. The only reason to hate crime is being said anything up is because it was two white men if there was two black men the shot a white man racism wouldn't be a part of it I'm tired of this race-baiting stuff I don't see no racism except for what is shown on the news like literally I know everybody in my community there ain't nothing racist going on

  2. He was not "just a jogger" and the second he grabbed their gun, he was no longer unarmed.. But keep pushing your lies media. They were not arrested because the REAL narrative is open and shut, but race baiting media wants to make this something its not, and then point at racism when they dont get the outcome they want.

  3. BOOOO!!! There is no hate crime here. That’s absolute BS from the liberal media. He was committing robbery and the two men, one of which is an ex-cop, were attempting to perform a citizens arrest, which is legal, until authorities arrived. However, the black guy became very unruly and attacked the man with the gun and it went off on him. There is simply no evidence of racial animus or anything of the sort. Everyone should know by now that the mainstream media is pushing an anti-white narrative for an anti-white agenda.

  4. Going for a jog in the neighborhood with timberlands boots on? lol yeah right! Attacking someone holding a shotgun and trying to take it from them is foolishly risking a death sentence and Georgia's stand your ground law agrees.

  5. He was caught thieving in a neighborhood he had targeted before, tried to run away, and when the former cop that he recognized caught him – He attacked. This case has been solved and the attempt to prosecute these two gentlemen is likely just to appease the BLM outrage mob – one of which may have executed an old wite couple at a Maryland cemetery with a sniper rifle in retaliation.

  6. Why is there so much talk about this and so little discussion of Sheldon Francis – after he used a sniper rifle to assassinate an elderly wite couple visiting a Maryland cemetery?

  7. I'm very glad that it was proven that there was not a rash of burglaries going on at that time, and 1 was reportedly a car break-in (unlocked vehicle) a month prior to Ahmad's death. Vigilante justice should not be tolerated by Anyone! This young man did not have to lose his life just because he was looking in an open construction site. The people defending this Murder have nothing but hatred in their hearts. Period!

  8. I don't care if that man Ahmaud Arbery did just rob a house…….he did not deserve what found him.
    The two idiots that laid him low couldn't have handled things worse. If the pair of them couldn't restrain him without weapons they shoulda trailed him and called the cops. It doesn't matter what they may have meant to do or what was in their heart….they drove the guy down and attacked him with shotguns in hand………they deserve to see their own lives melt.

  9. Gordon:
    You are so right !
    I've noticed there are people black and white who are speaking against this young man in fear of being on the wrong side of the issue .
    Well they (his accusers) are on the wrong side of the law , they are saying: he deserved what happened to him.
    How sad .

    May God bless and comfort his family with peace in their hearts and minds .

  10. Where is all the outrage over the white couple in their eighties who was murdered by a black man while they were visiting the grave of their son?


  11. And it SHOULD be considered a hate crime… because if he had been a white jogger .Hater #1 and Hater#2 would have never even gotten out of their barkaloungers.

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