News on The 700 Club: May 14, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” May 14, 2020.:

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  1. Did I just hear you give a list of the things we should be worried about and did I just hear you prophesy about the economic damages going to be monumental your demonic if you don't repent and get saved and be born again you're going to go to hell forever and ever and ever Gordon Robertson you're no follower of Jesus Christ

  2. This is the result of political power hungry democrats , mostly for their hatred for President Trump. We did not need to elect Bernie Sanders to the evils of Marxist Socialism. We need to get back to our heritage of the founders . We have left Judeo -Christain values , we have lost our love towards our fellow humans , and we need to ask God to forgive us for our sins ! May the Lord bless you , and keep you all healthy! Thanks

  3. Boycott China!!They must compensate every one affected or died of corona virus , we must do something before they usher in a one world order and try to control everything and everyone!!!🇺🇸💯💪🏻😷😤 This was all planed wake up people!!!

  4. @ 5:00 to 5:14 saying this world wide death from sickness “ is UNPRECEDENTED? that is A LIE! it has MANY precedents before 2020!Sars2005/swineflu2007/birdflu2009/mers2010/ebola2012/zika2015/madcow-monkey-bird/now2020-beer bug 1968 hongkong flu killed 100,000 americans-we didnt shutdown society&cut their jugular vein 2019flu-35,000died/NO ONe PANICKED 😱2018flu-65,000died/NO ONe PANICKED 😱cuz we didn’t have pics &CBN bad news shoved in our faces of mass graves & cold trucks keeping bodies!! THEN CBN is inciting hatred against a culture that ALSO had deaths from virus. Fanning flames 🔥,suggesting its the chinese people’s fault?
    I was right to UN-subscribe to CBN
    i can get all this doom&gloom from
    mainstream oops mean LAME-stream WORLDLY NEWS. there’s NO transforming my mind & NOT BEING CONFORMED to the WORLD as the bible teaches watching CBN JESUS help you to REPENT🙏🏽

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